Welcome to Wilshire Caring Callers

Wilshire Caring Callers make free, weekly in-home visits to lonely or isolated seniors. The programís mission is to help frail, homebound seniors form positive social connections.


As we age, we all continue to have the same basic and universal human needs: to love and be loved, to connect with others and stay connected, and to be recognized as a valuable part of the human family. Wilshire Caring Callers fulfill the unmet needs of the frail, socially isolated, and home-bound elderly in San Luis Obispo County by developing mutually caring friendships, building support systems, and creating new connections that enrich the entire community.


Wilshire Caring Callers volunteers make free weekly in-home visits that provide reassurance and comfort to homebound older persons, and help the somewhat functionally impaired remain in their residence. During a visit the pair may chat, play cards or board games, take walks and drives or go shopping. Volunteers come from all age, groups and walks of life.


Wilshire Caring Callers collaborates with several County departments and programs serving older adults. Those departments and programs include: Mental Health Services; Public Health; Public Guardian; Adult Protective Services; In-Home Supportive Services; and Senior Home Care.

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